Browse through our letter photo art gallery to create your custom artwork frame to finish off that special room in your home or whether your looking for that perfect gift for that hard-to-find recipient.  

You can take pride and pleasure in composing your unique alphabetic letter artwork to represent the personality of the acceptor, whether in their personal name, business, word of inspiration or an appropriate word resembling the personality of the receptor.

This custom photo artwork will be the perfect gift for the person who has everything because by designing it yourself, no two letter artwork frames are alike and it is sure to please everyone. 

Letters To Art is the perfect gift for bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, graduations, housewarming gifts, birthdays, holidays, teachers, coaches and more!

Please feel free to email me at or call me at 856-825-3358

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Create your original, custom design, framed artwork from our vast selection of photographic letter images located in our Letter Images gallery.

These alphabet letter photography images represent original photos taken from my travels around the country from many objects or natural elements, which in turn, spell out any name or word you select.

Upcoming Shows I will be at in 2017:

Unfortunately, I will be going out of business as soon as my inventory of frames are depleted. I have enjoyed doing the many craft shows over the past several years and visiting with so many of my loyal customers. However, due the increasing costs of frames, I have decided it is time for a new endeavor.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years!

Currently I still have 3 slot, 5 slot and 6 slot frames if you wish to order these. I am out of stock of all other sizes.

 Please call me 856-825-3358 with any questions.

7/12/14   1st Place for Amateur Photography 
Cape May Art Show

7/6/16 3rd place for

Digital Photography

Cape May Art Show